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TEKO-FILTER has delivered equipment for Prirazlomnaya OIFP (offshore ice-resistant fixed platform)


 Manufacturing company TEKO-FILTER within the framework of collaboration with JSC Sevmash (which is a part of JSC United Shipbuilding corporation ) and CJSC TsNIISM (Central research and development establishment of naval mechanical engineering) has produced and implemented delivery of filtering elements of spiral coiled construction made of stainless steel FEL TS-0,4-207-4-H-M42х2-N in amount of 1300 pcs.

Rough cleaning filter unit for overboard water of Prirazlomnaya OIFP will be provided with filtering elements with 400 micron filtration degree. (CJSC ‘CRI of Marine Engineering’ is a designer of filters, JSC Proletarskiy Zavod(Saint-Petersburg) is a manufacturer. Filtering elements will ensure removal of suspended solids and organics from sea water.
The first shipment of such kind of filtering elements was fulfilled in 2012. Upon the expiry of trial operation (from January to May 2013) there were documented positive results both in technical and strength characteristics. In this respect general customer (JSC GAZPROM) and general designer (Special design bureau Rubin) have made a decision to provide other filters with filtering elements produced by TEKO-FILTER.

Prirazlomnaya offshore ice-resistant fixed platform is a unique construction without equals in size and mass.  Its length is 126 meters, height – 141. Without solid ballast its weight is 117 thousand tons, with solid ballast it weighs twice as heavy. This is a real oil-extracting complex on the sea. It will afford drilling, extraction, primary machining, storage and oil export on tankers. In fact it is a complete construction of production facilities of Arctic sea field.

The platform is intended for Prirazlomnaya oilfield development in Arctic location in the Pechora Sea at a distance of 60 km from mainland. The platform will make it possible to carry out all year round production drilling for oil with vertical and horizontal methods, oil extraction and preparation for transportation by tankers.

 The platform operates in Arctic conditions which determine its uniqueness.

JSC Sevmash performs design and construction of Prirazlomnaya OIFP. JSC Gazprom is the owner of the platform.

Deliveries of such equipment for providing of filtering units in prospect will be continued.patroniPrirazlomnaia

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