Plastic FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps)

Plastic FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps)Plastic FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps)Plastic FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps)

Plastic FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps) are designed for filtrate (solution) separation from the filtering medium and further filtrate discharge.



FEL filtering elements are mounted in the filters’ collection and distribution assemblies of various purpose and design.


Operation principle: the filtrate (solution) moves through the filtering medium, is separated by FEL unit and removed through a connected fitting for further treatment.


Plastic FELs are alternatives to stainless steel FELs (slotted drainage caps). Plastic FEL filtering elements (slotted caps) are manufactured according to Specifications TU 3113-009-33513134-2011 "Plastic filtering element of "FEL" type" and registered in the State Register on May 14th, 2011.


Plastic FELs has cast design of various shapes and geometry and consist of a housing (base structure), filtering unit and a threaded fitting for connection to the distribution assembly.


Plastic FELs are basically made of ABS (acryl-butadien-styrene), PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride).


Plastic FELs are a good choice due to:

  • light-weight structure;
  • high resistance to various aggressive media;
  • low price.

However, they have a lower mechanical strength compared to stainless steel FEL filtering elements (slotted caps).


Plastic filtering elements are widely used in the water-treatment plants of the public and housing utilities and other industry sectors.


Product line and specifications of plastic FEL filtering elements.


Designation Slot width, mm Filtration area
(open area)
Dimensions, mm
diameter height
FEL Pl-0.2-5.2-4-PP-G1/2-V 0,2±0,05 5,22 cm2 63 107
FEL Pl-0.2-5.2-4-PP-G1/2-N 0,2±0,05 5,22 cm2 63 108
FEL Pl-0.25-6-4-P-G1/2-V 0,25±0,05 6,00 cm2 65 87
FEL Pl-0.25-6-4-P-G3/4-V 0,25±0,05 6,00 cm2 65 87


You may find other types of FEL filtering elements (slotted caps) in our catalogue.


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