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Engineering capabilities

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"TEKO-FILTER" is a recognized supplier of the reliable equipment and high-quality solutions in the field of water-treatment.
A solid experience and state-of-the-art technologies used for water-treatment equipment design and manufacturing allow us to offer our clients best engineering and advisory services in research, design and analysis.

Currently, all "TEKO-FILTER" equipment is followed up by an engineering support in compliance with the highest Russian and international standards that guarantees the highest quality of production and service.



Key engineering areas of "TEKO-FILTER" company:

  • Engineering of the high-end multi-purpose industrial water-treatment plants using advanced water-treatment technologies (counter-flow ionization, baromembrane methods);
  • Retrofitting of the existing water-treatment facilities with the switch to the counter-flow ionization process using state-of-the-art technologies of "mechanical hold-down" and "hydraulic hold-down" of the filtering material’s layers;
  • Development and deployment of automatic process control systems in water-treatment plants;
  • Retrofitting of clarifiers with the switch to a sludge recycle mode; improvement of their reliability and efficiency;
  • Inspection of customer's water-treatment equipment, assessment of its technical state and operating efficiency. Recommendations on water-treatment process improvement and retrofitting;
  • Advisory services on any water-treatment related issues;
  • Development and submission to customers of technical and commercial proposals for water-treatment equipment supply;
  • Feasibility study of projects for supply of new water-treatment equipment or retrofitting of the existing one;
  • Development of water-treatment process flow charts and related process designing;
  • Development of design documentation for the manufactured products and for the sub-standard equipment according to customer's specifications (drawings, technical certificates, operation manuals and etc.);
  • Water-treatment equipment commissioning, issue of the operation manuals and personnel training;
  • Water-treatment research and design works;
  • Designer supervision for the supplied equipment and implemented water-treatment technologies.

We offer a comprehensive approach - from a thorough task investigation to a turnkey solution!