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Hydraulic loading

Designed for loading filter materials (sand, anthracite, ion-exchange resins, etc.) into the filter.

Top collection, water Distributor for filter tank

The upper switchgear is designed to feed into the filter and evenly distribute water or regeneration solution, as well as to remove wash water or regeneration solution.

Filter tank

It is a steel vertical cylindrical apparatus with elliptical or torospherical stamped bottoms. The filter housing for water purification can have a flange connector for the convenience and safety of anti-corrosion coating.

Air vent

Designed to remove air, usually located at the top of the filter.

Viewing window

Set to monitor the status of the filter load filter


Designed to check and maintain the filter and internal devices.

Hydraulic drive

Designed for unloading filter materials (sand, anthracite, ion-exchange resins, etc.) from the filter.


This is a system of pipes, fittings and instrumentation. The pipeline is used to combine a set of various devices, tools and equipment into a single working system.

Shutoff valves

Devices mounted on a pipe or filter housing designed to shut off, distribute, regulate, mix or discharge media flows.

Sampling device

Sampling point with instrumentation

Bottom distribution assembly for filter tank

is designed to collect and drain water or a regeneration solution from the filter, as well as to supply wash water or a regeneration solution.

Filter elements (FEL)

Designed to organize the uniform supply and discharge of the filtered fluid (solution). Exclude the removal of filter material from the filter.


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