Water in the industry.
Water purification equipment



Water covers about 70% of the Earth surface and is vital for the life-sustaining activity of a human. Treated in a specific way water is used almost in every industry.

Water treatment equipment ensures failure-proof operation of boilers in the power plants and heat supply networks; enables to run various processes in metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industry, food industry; allows cleaning of water and sewage at the water supply and waste water treatment plants.

Water filters are the primary water-treatment equipment.

The filters allow cleaning water and making it suitable for use in houses and industrial sites.

Owing to treatment of boiler water the equipment can be protected against scum formations and breakdown. Process water treatment improves the quality of the end product. The high-quality water obtained after a proper treatment allows people to use it safely. Waste water treatment prevents discharge of harmful substances into the water bodies and, thus, provides environmental improvement.

Since the end of 1994 our company has been developing and producing industrial water-treatment filters and their components made of high-grade stainless steel, as well as other equipment for water purification and filtration of various liquid, solid and gaseous media.

Main fields of activity

  • Engineering of water-treatment plants
  • Manufacturing of filters and their components
  • Contract supervision
  • Designer supervision
  • Water-treatment R&D works


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