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Equipment for industrial treatment of water

Фильтры для воды


The equipment for industrial treatment of water is intended for application in various industries, where specially treated water is required. Industrial treatment of water includes the following processes: softening (removal of Са and Мg cations), demineralization, deferrization (removal of hydrogen sulphide, Mn and Fe ions), removal of odour, colour, mechanical and organic impurities, oil and oil products. The equipment for industrial treatment of water could perform all these tasks by ion exchange, sorption and clarifying processes:


 Fields of application:

  • thermal- and nuclear power plants;
  • industrial and heating boiler plants;
  • process cycles in iron and steel works, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, and other industrial facilities;
  • industrial corrective treatment for cooling systems and for recirculation water supply systems;
  • municipal water supply and disposal systems;
  • production of alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, beer, mineral water, etc.;
  • production of high-quality water for food industry;
  • waste water treatment.


Our company designs and manufactures the following equipment for industrial treatment of water:

1. Water treatment filters (Industrial water treatment filter):

  • Ion exchange filters
    • Ion exchange mixed-bed filters (FISD)
    • Ion exchange parallel-flow filters (FIPa)
    • Ion exchange counter-flow filters (FIPr)
  • Clarifying filters
    • Vertical clarifying filters (FOV)
    • Horizontal clarifying filters (FOG)
  • Sorption carbon filters (FSU)
  • Regeneration filters (FR)
  • Iron removal filters (FUZH)
  • Precoat filters (FN)
  • Disc filters
  • Strainers
  • EMC filter (EMF)
  • Cyclone filters (FC)
  • Mechanical cleaning filters (FMO)
  • Slotted filters (FSCH)


2. Filter's drainage and collection assemblies (filter's inner assemblies):

  • Top drainage and collection distribution assemblies
  • Intermediate drainage and distribution assemblies
  • Bottom drainage and collection assemblies
  • Radial pipes of distribution assemblies
  • Drainage and distribution systems for rapid gravity filters


3. FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps):

  • Stainless FELs (in 4 variants)
  • Plastics FELs
  • Combined FELs (combination of stainless steel and plastics)


4. Filter traps (FL)

5. Mechanical filters for removal of suspended solids from liquids and gases

6. Slotted pipe, slotted filters, sieves and grates ("TEKO-SLOT")

7. Equipment for water cleaning from oil products

8. Equipment for industrial waste water treatment

9. Custom equipment manufactured upon customer's drawings and designs, custom-made filtering elements.


We are in place, where clean water is required!