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Beware of counterfeits!

"TEKO-FILTER" Ltd is a manufacturer of high-quality water-treatment equipment: filters and their internal components.

Currently, some unfair companies are engaged in supplies of counterfeit filtering elements for our filters. These products are similar in appearance with filtering elements produced by "TEKO-FILTER" company.


We'd like to draw our partners' and customers' attention to the distinguishing features of "TEKO-FILTER" filtering elements.

  • Company's logo;
  • Manufacturer's Certificate;
  • Price not lower than manufacturer's one;
  • Package bearing the company's logo;
  • All "TEKO-FILTER" products are sold only by the company itself or through its official partners.



Original filtering element Counterfeit product
 Оригинальный ФЭО  Контрафактный ФЭЛ
 Оригинальный ФЭЛ  Контрафактный ФЭЛ
Оригинальный ФЭЛ Контрафактный ФЭЛ
 Оригинальный ФЭЛ  Контрафактный ФЭЛ
Оригинальный ФЭЛ Контрафактный ФЭЛ


Features usually common for a counterfeit filtering element:

1. No stamped trademark - "TEKO-FILTER" logo;
2. Sharp edges on the housing;
3. Irregular slot's width of the filtering unit;
4. Fitting is welded to the filter unit in a wrong way;
5. Poor fixation of the belt to the base during the wire wounding;
6. No chamfer on the thread;
7. No company's logo on the package.

All partners and representatives of our company have corresponding certificates confirming their right to represent "TEKO-FILTER" Ltd. in their region.
In case of doubts in information provided by the supplier you may ask for Representative Certificate to prove supplier's status and reliability.


For more information on "TEKO-FILTER" suppliers, please, phone our sales department: +7 (8482) 20-83-61; 20-85-90.


In case of any doubts concerning originality and quality of the purchased equipment we also recommend you to contact our sales department.