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Permission documentation

Licence for the right to design equipment for nuclear plants Licence for the right to manufacture equipment for nuclear plants    
Permit to design works
Annex to the license Certificate of membership in self-regulatory organization
Declaration of Conformity
Certificate of Conformity Certificate of Conformity (annex) Certificate of Conformity: FEL filtering elements
Certificate of Conformity: Filters
State Registration Certificates for products
State Registration Certificate      
Specifications TU 3113-002-33513134-2010 "Spirally-wound belt filtering elements of "FEL" type" TU 3113-006-33513134-2009 "Wire-wound filtering element of "FEL TS" type" TU 3113-005-33513134-2009 "Filtering elements (slotted plated caps) of "FEL P" type"
TU 3113-009-33513134-2011 "Plastic filtering element of "FEL" type" TU 4859-003-33513134-2008 "Drainage assembly" TU 3113-003-04688393-05 "Water-treatment filters for heat and power plants and industrial energy sector" TU 4859-008-33513134-2009 "Waste water treatment filters"
TU 4859-007-33513134-2011 "Tanks and vessels for water-treatment filtering plants"      
No.64933 "Filtering elements" No.40908 "Filtering elements"   No.53972 "Filtering nozzle" No.53221 "Filtering nozzle"
No.2229920 "Filters for liquids treatment" No.3889 "Slotted caps" No.5113 "Slotted caps" No.23787 "Filtering nozzle"
No.30618 "Drainage and distribution assembly for granular-bed filter"  No.30617 "Filters for liquids treatment" Certificate of trademark No.166374  Certificate of trademark No.179083
Annex to Certificate of trademark No.166374 Annex to Certificate of trademark No.179083