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FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps), 2nd version

FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps), 2nd versionFEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps), 2nd version

FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps), 2nd version, are designed for separation of the filtrate (solution) from the filtering medium and further filtrate discharge.



FEL filtering elements are mounted in the filters’ collection and distribution assemblies of various purpose and design.


Operation principle: the filtrate (solution) moves through the filtering medium, is separated by FEL unit and removed through a connected fitting for further treatment.


FEL filtering elements (slotted caps), 2nd version, are manufactured according to Specifications TU 3113-002-33513134-2010 "Spirally-wound belt filtering element of FEL type" and registered in the State Register on February 18th, 2011.


FEL filtering element, 2nd version, consists of a housing with the filtering surface facing downwards and a connection fitting. The connection fitting has a threaded end to screw on the filtering elements. Unthreaded filtering elements are welded to the collection and distribution assembly.


FEL filtering elements, 2nd version, is made of 12Х18N10T stainless steel or steels of equivalent grade. Due to a corrosion-resistant material the filtering elements have increased resistance to aggressive media.


These filtering elements approved themselves as reliable and durable units during the period of operation in various water treatment plants. The filtering elements are widely used throughout industrial water treatment facilities in Russia and abroad.


Product line and specifications of FEL filtering elements, 2nd version


Designation Slot width, mm Filtration area
(open area)
Dimensions, mm
diameter height
FEL-0.2-8.4-2-N-G1/2-V 0,2±0,05 8,40 cm2 74 34
FEL-0.2-17-2-N-G3/4-V 0,2±0,05 17,00 cm2 100 38
FEL-0.4-11-2-N 0,4±0,05 11,00 cm2 74 45
FEL-0.4-11-2-N-G3/4-V 0,4±0,05 11,00 cm2 74 34
FEL-0.4-26-2-N-G3/4-V 0,4±0,05 26,00 cm2 100 38
FEL-0.5-30-2-N-G3/4-N 0,5±0,05 30,00 cm2 100 43


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