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Regeneration filters (FR)

Regeneration filters (FR) are used in the water-treatment and condensate-treatment facilities of the power units of thermal- and nuclear power plants.



Filter description: Regeneration filters are designed for regeneration and backwash of the mixed cation-anion resins in the ion exchange mixed-bed filters with external regeneration (FISDNr).
Regeneration filters (FR)Regeneration filters (FR)
Design description: Regeneration filters (FR) consist of
  • vessel;
  • inspection windows;
  • top, intermediate and bottom distribution assemblies;
  • piping;
  • shut-off valves;
  • sampling station.


FR regeneration filter has welded cylindrical vessel made of sheet steel with welded elliptical pressed bottoms. Three supporting elements are welded to the lower bottom to enable filter mounting onto the foundation.

Upper and lower bottoms have centrally welded flanges for external connection of piping and internal connection of bottom and top collection and distribution assemblies. The intermediate collection and distribution assembly is placed at the border line of cation and anion exchange resins and has a side inlet.
Operation principle: Regeneration filter cycle includes following stages:
  • loading of the ion-exchange resin;
  • loosening of the ion-exchange bed upwards with separation of cation exchange resin (lower layer) and anion resin (upper layer);
  • feeding of sodium hydroxide regeneration solution through the anion resin, and sulphur acid regeneration solution through the cation resin (regeneration solutions may pass through the ion exchange resin simultaneously or one by one);
  • pre-washing of ion exchange resin in the direction of regeneration solutions flow (simultaneously or one by one);
  • loading of the ion-exchange resin;

Hydraulic discharge of the exhausted ion exchange resins takes place when the filter is stopped for regeneration. To separate the ion exchange resin the filter bed is loosened by an upward flow of demineralized water passing through the lower distribution assembly. Separation boundary goes along the axis of the intermediate distribution assembly's manifold. The separation process of ion exchange resin can be monitored through the inspection windows. The cation exchange resin is regenerated with 3% sulphur acid solution; anion resin is regenerated with 4% alkali solution. Alkali is fed through the upper drainage distribution assembly while acid is fed through the lower distribution assembly. The regeneration solution is removed simultaneously through the intermediate collection and distribution assembly. Ion exchange resins are pre-washed with demineralized water in compliance with parameters indicated in the filter's flow-chart. The hydraulic reload of the regenerated ion-exchange resins into FISDNr filter occurs upon completion of the pre-washing procedure.


Products line and specifications of regeneration filters (FR)


Filter type
Diameter, mm
Operating pressure, MPa
Height, mm
Filter weight, kg
FR 1,6-0,6
FR 2,0-0,6
FR 2,6-0,6 2600 0,6 6400 6500



Our filters are manufactured in compliance with TU 3113-003-04688393-05 "Water-treatment filters for heat and power plants and industrial energy sector", efficient from July 1st, 2005.


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