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Frequently Asked Questions

Can filter elements be used when washing an industrial filter with air-water?
What technical solutions can your company offer for water purification from oil products?
What is included in the standard package of filters produced by your enterprise?
What filters manufactured by your enterprise can be used in condensate treatment plants?
What equipment can you offer for softening and desalination of water at thermal power plants?
It is planned to use water from the well for drinking needs. What technologies and equipment can you offer to solve this problem?
How to find out the cost of equipment offered by your company?
In what cases is it recommended to use plastic filter elements?
What is included in the standard water distributor for filter tank by your enterprise?
For what types of filters can you make internal drainage distribution devices?
What equipment does your company produce for wastewater treatment?
What materials are used to make internal filter devices and filter elements at your enterprise?
What options for the reconstruction of existing water treatment plants can your company offer?
What are the benefits of installing filter traps?

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