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Equipment for the nuclear industry

Manufacturing Company "TEKO-FILTER" Ltd. – engineering and production of industrial water-treatment equipment

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 24 months

Delivery - Worldwide


Equipment for the nuclear industry

Our Company can boast extensive manufacturing capabilities allowing to develop and manufacture unique water-treatment solutions for nuclear power sector.

We produce unique and complex equipment designed and manufactured by our experts, tailored to customer's needs and complying with customer's drawings.

We use proven technologies and meet specific requirements of design and regulatory documents. All products undergo the most stringent testing to prove the products' potential of use in the energy sector.

Our Company has Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001.

The line of produced equipment includes:

  • Industrial filters, filter tanks;

  • Water distributor for filter tank: bottom, top, intermediate, radial type;

  • Water filter nozzle, filtering elements;
  • Filter traps;

  • Slotted pipes, grates, "TEKO-SLOT" filtering units of various design

Our portfolio:

  • Starting from 1996 the Company has participated in various nuclear projects of Rosatom Corporation;

  • In 2001 the Company supplied equipment to Kalininskaya NPP;

  • In 2005, 2011 the Company manufactured and delivered equipment for the Nuclear Power Plant in Bushehr (Iran);

  • In 2009 we produced molybdenum steel caps for Beloyarskaya NPP;

  • In 2014 we delivered FELs and filter in-vessel components to Leningradskaya NPP;

  • In 2014 Rosatom State Corporation purchased "TEKO-SLOT" filtering elements of eight modifications to provide equipment for the following nuclear power plants: Rostovskaya NPP, Baltiyskaya NPP and Tianwan NPP (China);

  • In 2015 we delivered filtration equipment to Novovoronezhskaya NPP;

  • In 2018 we shipped a batch of filters and a large quantity of plate (disk) FELs for the 3d power unit of Kudankulam NPP being constructed in India;

  • 2020 Kursk NPP-2



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