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Spring 2023 Two automated self-cleaning mechanical filters FSMO 600-1000-1.0 were shipped to Avtovskaya CHPP. The delivery included shut-off valves with electric drives, pressure sensors, an automatic control cabinet with a set of cable products. This configuration allows you to fully automate the filtration process and carry out periodic self-cleaning of the filter from retained contaminants without stopping the filtration process.

March 2023 pleased us with warm weather and early spring. But it is hot not only on the street, but also in the workshops of the TEKO-FILTER Production Enterprise.

With the advent of heat, all water use facilities are actively working on production for the spring flood. It is during this period that the composition of the original natural water changes, when melted snow flows down in the rivers, as well as everything that accumulated under it during the winter. Therefore, the issue of water treatment becomes especially relevant.

In February 2023, PP TEKO-FILTER Ltd shipped four FSMOk 250-100-1.0 FMO filters to JSC Novoshakhtinsk Oil Products Plant. The filter package included shut-off valves with electric drives, pressure and flow sensors, an automatic control cabinet with a set of cable products.

In the first winter months of 2023, the TEKO-FILTER manufacturing enterprise carried out a number of large deliveries of slotted products for enterprises in the agro-industrial complex, energy, oil, processing, food and other industries.

In total, more than 2,500 units of products manufactured using the TEKO-SLOT technology were shipped during this period. Customers were supplied with such types of products as: filter elements (FEL), slotted pipes of various diameters, cartridges for mechanical filters and much more.

December 2022 TEKO-FILTER manufacturing enterprise supplied a sorption carbon filter with a diameter of 4.2 meters!

Non-standard size filter

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