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In this anniversary year for our company, we received a truly significant review from our customer - JSC "ABS ZEiM Automation", Cheboksary. 21 years ago, in 2003, the TEKO-FILTER production enterprise manufactured and shipped its first capacitive equipment - a vertical clarification filter (FOV-1.4-0.6) to the Electronics and Mechanics Plant.

In March 2023 PP TEKO-FILTER LLC has made several shipments of non-standard filter equipment for chemical industry enterprises.

The FEL TS-2.0-13144-4-NM filter element was manufactured for the needs of an enterprise for the production of polyvinyl chloride and caustic soda. It will be used in a Ø1200mm cyclone filter, which is designed to filter PVC sludge.
Its size is truly impressive! FEL is made of steel 03Х17Н14М3 (AISI 316L) and is a piece of pipe made of a frame-wire structure "TEKO-SLOT", with a diameter of 750 mm, a length of 1580 mm, with a gap of 2.0 mm.

Slotted grates and filters "TEKO-SLOT"

Winter 2023/2024 Our company shipped 6 two-chamber filters FOV-2K-3.1-0.6. To PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim (NKNK).

The project provides a unique technical solution. The filters were produced in a non-standard design. Each filter chamber operates independently of each other and has different types of filter media. Filter diameter: 3100 mm. To accomplish this task, the filters received a higher cylindrical chamber (the total height of the filter was almost 8 meters).

water treatment filter

The nuclear industry is one of the most important and responsible industries, which requires special attention to the quality of the water used. Water in the nuclear industry is used to cool reactors, produce steam, and for other technological processes. Therefore, water quality must be at the highest level to ensure the safety and efficiency of nuclear power plants.

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