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In July 2020, the Manufacturing company “TEKO-FILTER”  enterprise delivered a feed water tank of Agrofirma Ariant LLC to Chelyabinsk. The product is intended for installation in a boiler room and will be used to store water that enters the boiler water path.

The Manufacturing company “TEKO-FILTER” has shipped the filters for liquids and gases FMO TS-25-0.6-0.2x7-2K to the address of FSUE «Production Association «Mayak»

The product will be used for wastewater treatment.

The main feature of this installation is the presence of a control unit that allows you to automate the cleaning process and make it continuous. The installation consists of two self-cleaning filters, working alternately and designed to trap mechanical impurities in the preparation of wastewater solutions for treatment by ultrafiltration.

In July 2020, a well screen filter was shipped for a well in the Uyutny microdistrict (Uzyukovo, Samara region).

Purified water from the well will be supplied to the villagers.

The well is over 112 meters deep and, taking into account the aquifer the filter is 15 meters long.

In June of this year, a batch of filters was shipped to one of the chemical enterprises of the Altai territory. Filters will be installed in the new boiler shop of the enterprise.

Two Ionite filters of the second stage purification FIPa II 2,6-0,6 were successfully manufactured and shipped to the Customer. The devices are made entirely of stainless steel, which will ensure a long service life.

The next review was received from JSC “Novomoskovsk joint stock company “Azot”.

A batch of CPVC filter distribution assemblies devices with water filter nozzle was shipped to the customer

  • UNSR 1600-1 FIPaI-1,6-0,6
  • UNSR 2300-1 FIPaI-2,3-0,6
  • USSR 1600-1 FIPaI-1,6-0,6

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