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At the beginning of 2022 Production Enterprise TEKO-FILTER delivered a batch of filters made of composite material. Two filters FOV-1,6-0,6, complete with filtering load (sand) were shipped. The equipment is intended for completing the treatment facilities in Kirov.

At the end of 2021 Our company has manufactured and shipped FEL P-0.25-10-4-N-G1/2-N-D lamellar water filter nozzle for completing the 7th power unit of the Tianwan NPP.

The plate FEL consists of stamped plates, as well as a cover and a base. Production material - stainless steel. Such filter elements have a number of positive technical features:

For the needs of the Afipsky refinery our company has made a large batch of mechanical self-cleaning filters in 2021.

Within the framework of the contract we produced and supplied 8pcs of 8 self-piercing mechanical filters FSMOK 400-400-0,1.

In November 2021. our enterprise has manufactured a batch of non-standard size slotted pipe TS-449 (441) -T1.5-12 / T1.5-0.2 based on the TEKO-SLOT wireframe structure.
A total of 4 products were produced with a diameter of 449 mm and a length of 1400 mm.

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