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In May 2022, our company carried out a number of large shipments of products under the trademark "TEKO-SLOT" (s). Among the products: filter elements, slotted pipes, gratings and much more.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that many of these products are designed and manufactured according to the individual unique requirements of the customer. And, as a rule, they are import-substituting analogues. We remind our Partners and Customers that we have all the necessary capabilities to select, design, manufacture and deliver you equipment that meets the requirements of interchangeability with your existing devices. To do this, please send us photos, sketches or the products themselves. Our task is to help industrial enterprises continue to function and have operable equipment in any conditions.

All products are made from high quality materials using specialized equipment.

 For our customers were shipped:

  • TS-179-T1.0/T1.5x66-0.3
  • TS-50-T1.5/T1.5x18-0.05
  • TS-214-T1.5/T1.5x76-0.2
  • TS-164-T1.5/T1.5x60-0.1
  • TS-56-T1.5/T1.5x24-0.1
  • TS-56-T1.5/T1.5x24-0.2
  • TS-155-T1.5-8.5/T1.5x296-0.05
  • FEL TS-0.2-525-4-N-fl
  • FEL TS-0.4-6.0-4-H-G3/4-V
  • FEL TS-0.4-10.6-4-H-G3/4-V
  • FEL TS-0.2-5.9-4-H-G1/2-V
  • FEL TS-0.4-6.3-4-N-G3/4-N-D
  • FEL TS-1,2-62-4-H-G1 1/4-B
  • FEL TS-0.1-23-4-N
  • FEL TS-0.06-86-4-N-fl
  • FEL TS-0.2-446-4-N-fl
  • and etc.

In total, 1563 products were produced in a month.

TEKO-SLOT products have proven their reliability and consistently receive high marks from our customers.

445056, Russia, Samara region,
Togliatti, Gromovoy str. 33-A, POB 1839