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г. Тольятти, ул. Громовой 33-А а/я 1839

Manufacturing facilities - company's workshops and industrial sites - are fitted with the up-to-date equipment allowing to perform a complete range of metal machining operations.

During the period of steady growth and development we not only gained the leading position in the market of water-treatment equipment, but also got a substantial experience in machining of stainless and carbon steels.


Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • cutting operations at belt-saw machines (automatic and semi-automatic) of work pieces up to 400 mm in diameter;
  • stainless steel pieces machining (turning of work-pieces up to Ø 1000 mm in diameter and 3 m long; milling and die-stamping);
  • drilling operations at vertical and radial drilling machines;
  • manual argon-arc welding;
  • manual arc welding;
  • semi-automatic welding;
  • automatic welding;
  • manual or automatic plasma-arc cutting of up to 16 mm thick stainless steel pieces;
  • cutting of sheet metal (up to 4 mm thick) at gate shears;
  • cutting of stainless steel band 0.5 mm thick into the strips of required size;
  • manufacture of wire-wound structures.

Today we have several principal branches of production:

Blank production shop is fitted with a complete set of blanking equipment:

  • Belt-saw machines.
  • Cutting machines.
  • Gate shears.
  • Plasma-gas cutting machine.
  • Plasma-arc cutting machine.

The metalworking machinery equipment includes:

  • Lathe machines.
  • Milling machines.
  • CNC turning/milling machines.
  • Drilling machines.
  • Hydraulic presses.
  • Metal tape cutting machine.

The following machines are used in the welding production shop for welding of stainless and carbon steel pieces and erecting works:

  • Manual welding machines.
  • Argon-arc welding machines.
  • Semi-automatic welding machines.
  • Automatic welding machines.
  • Three-roll sheet-bending machine.
  • Roller supports.
  • Rotating and positioning device.
  • Auxiliary equipment.

Production of wire-wound frames under the trademark of "TEKO-SLOT" includes application of automatic welding machines of special purpose.

The area for applying anti-corrosion coatings and painting is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Sandblasting machine;
  • Apparatus for airless coating;
  • Delivery of a railway trolley.

Conveniently located and well-equipped warehouse allows you to have a sufficient supply of metal for the manufacture of equipment. The movement of materials, blanks and finished products is carried out using crane beams.

Due to a gained experience we're capable to produce constructions of various geometry using our manufacturing capabilities. The high-skilled professionals and the up-to-date equipment guarantee high quality of machined parts and reduced time of operation. Our vast capabilities and immediate availability of rolled stainless steel products stock allow us to perform all works on a tight schedule.

445056, Russia, Samara region,
Togliatti, Gromovoy str. 33-A, POB 1839