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Arch filters

Arched filter elements are made of slotted wire-frame construction "TEKO-SLOT"

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 24 months

Delivery - Worldwide


Arch filters

Arched filter elements are made of slotted wire-frame construction "TEKO-SLOT" and are a half-cylinder, located upward arc. The design of arched FEL provides high mechanical strength and performance. Slots formed between coiled triangular wire exclude clogging. During backwash, the slots act as nozzles, enhancing the flushing effect.

The size of the slit is selected depending on the particle size of the filter load, the standard device has a gap of 0.2 and 0.4 mm.

Filter elements are stacked on a level concrete floor in rows. In the central part of the filter, a tray is arranged to collect filtered water and supply water for backwashing.

The tray is covered on top with a plate with holes for mounting filter elements.

All drainage elements: filter elements, tray plate and fasteners are made of stainless steel.

Due to the relative lightness of the structures, installation is simplified: no heavy lifting equipment and a large number of workers are required.

The use of arched filter elements "TEKO-SLOT" allows you to achieve:

High efficiency backwash.
The uniform distribution of water and air provides an effective air-water flushing of the entire filter volume. There is an increase in the duration of the filter cycle, which entails a decrease in water consumption for flushing.

Increase filter performance.
The TECO-SLOT arched filter elements provide a minimum pressure drop across the drainage device and an unbreakable gap in the surface supporting the filter layer. This allows you to choose the most effective filter load.

The unique design of the TEKO-SLOT arched filter elements works effectively in a wide range of loads.

The absence of a supporting gravel layer allows to increase the volume of the filter load and provide a deeper water treatment.

Resolve filter loading issues.
Backwashing in classical systems can lead to mixing of the support and filter layers, which entails a decrease in flow rate or even a stop of the filter. When using an arch filtering device, a support layer is not required, which helps to solve this problem.

Lower costs associated with stops and repairs.
In case of problems with drainage in classical systems, it becomes necessary to stop the system and unload the support layer and filter load. The drainage system with arched filter elements does not require maintenance and repair.

Lower installation costs.
Arched FEL is lightweight and can be easily mounted with one or two workers. Filter elements are made as separate elements, ready for installation. Filling with filter media is also simplified, since gravel support layer is excluded. Welding during installation is not used.

Advantages of TECO-SLOT arched filter elements:

  • High throughput;
  • Smooth, durable and clog-resistant filter surface;
  • Use of the entire area of the filter bottom, without "dead" zones;
  • Gravel support layer is not needed;
  • Effective water-air flushing;
  • Low hydraulic resistance;
  • Ability to use multi-layer loading;
  • The gap eliminates the leakage of small particles into the filtrate;
  • Fewer backwash cycles.

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