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Since 1994 our company has been involved in the development and manufacture of water treatment equipment: filters and their components. Our company is a recognized supplier of quality solutions and reliable equipment in the field of water treatment and purification.

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The key focus area is design and production of the equipment for repair and retrofitting of chemical water-treatment facilities of various heat and power plants (from municipal and in-plant boiler rooms to the central heating and power plants, state district power stations, nuclear power plants), as well as plants of all industry sectors. Produced equipment suits for repair and retrofitting of water-treatment facilities while keeping the currently used technologies or switching to more efficient ones. Performed retrofitting enables the customers to cut down significantly the expenses for the new equipment purchase.

We offer already assembled filters, as well as filters' internal components of any configuration.


All our equipment is manufactured as per specifications and complied with relative patents and certificates. All equipment supplied for the nuclear power plants is certified by the Nuclear Supervision Agency (Atomnadzor).

It's not a secret that direct purchase of equipment from manufacturer is much more convenient and cost-effective than dealing with agents. Direct contacts are beneficial due to no extra agent's charges, possibility of negotiating the required equipment design, supply terms and warranties directly with the manufacturer.

8 key benefits of cooperation with our company:

  1. "TEKO-FILTER" guarantees safety and durability of your equipment.
  2. "TEKO-FILTER" possesses the excellent reputation: we have more over 170 complimentary remarks on our products.
  3. "TEKO-FILTER" is well known: over 6700 users in Russia and abroad enjoy the advantages of our products.
  4. "TEKO-FILTER" provides for quality assurance (guarantee period is up to 2 years).
  5. "TEKO-FILTER" delivers comprehensive solutions for your tasks (from design and manufacturing to contract supervision and commissioning).
  6. "TEKO-FILTER" offers a wide range of products (over 300 items in the product line).
  7. "TEKO-FILTER" takes an individual approach to every customer.
  8. "TEKO-FILTER" is a team of highly-skilled professionals (over 29 years experience in water-treatment).

We managed to overcome the 90s, defaults, economic crises and other pitfalls. We successfully withstood the tough times due to a unique company's profile, professional staff and quality products. We offer high-end products to our customers, as well as professional technical support.



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