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The TEKO-FILTER manufacturing enterprise has shipped a batch of FOV-2.0-0.6 filters to Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions.

In accordance with the terms of reference, the filters were disassembled for assembly and installation at the customer's site. All the wishes of the customer were taken into account in the design of each filter component.

In March 2021, a large batch of drainage filter nozzle FEL TS-0.4-6-4-N-G3/4-B was shipped. A total of 8,256 units were delivered.
Due to the existing positive experience of participation in such projects, our company has developed and offered filter elements that fully meet the needs of the customer and the design organization. The filtering elements will be installed in fast gravity filters, which are the most important stage in the preparation of drinking water before supplying it to the population. Thanks to the application of the proposed technical solution, the required filter performance, uniform water distribution, high-quality backwashing of the filter material, reliability and durability of this stage of water purification will be ensured.

Recently, our company has carried out a number of large deliveries of non-standard filter nozzle of titanium (FEL).

All products are designed and manufactured according to an individual order and take into account the peculiarities of the operation of filtering equipment. FEL are made of VT1-00 titanium, which makes them stable when working with aggressive media.

At the end of 2020, our company began production of an adsorber for the needs of the Atyrau Refinery (Atyrau Refinery, RK, Atyrau), and in February 2021 the product was shipped to the customer.

An adsorber is a device used to separate vapor, gaseous and liquid media by the surface of a porous solid.

In December 2020. TEKO FILTER Ltd. has carried out the next shipment of equipment for the Kursk nuclear power plant under construction.

The delivery included filters-traps AFL-0.6-2.0 (4 pcs.), AFL-0.4-1.6 (1 pc.) And two filter meshes.

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