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In the first quarter of 2022, our company shipped equipment for the start-up-reserve boiler house (RCB) of Akkuyu NPP Turkey.

Two clarifying vertical filters FOV-1.2-0.6 with a floating load were manufactured to clean the condensate from oil products.
The design of the filters was developed and designed specifically for the operating conditions of the Akkuyu NPP PMC and was additionally agreed with the general designer of the plant.

The filters are equipped with distribution devices:

  • Upper switchgear (ASU) - "Radial type";
  • Lower switchgear (NRU) - "perforated cup".

The beams of the products are made on the basis of the TEKO-SLOT frame-wire structure.

Filter calculations were carried out by our technologists, taking into account the strict restrictions on the dimensions of the equipment and the requirements for the quality of the purified medium.
To load the filters, a special foamed polystyrene foam with a certain fractional composition was selected.

PRK is designed to provide thermal energy (steam, hot water) to the industrial site of the Akkuyu NPP in the modes of start-up, shutdown and scheduled repair of power units for the entire period of operation of the nuclear power plant.

While the Akkuyu NPP is only building the first power units, the TEKO-FILTER equipment is already starting its work!

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