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December 2022 TEKO-FILTER manufacturing enterprise supplied a sorption carbon filter with a diameter of 4.2 meters!

The product was designed for the customer according to the terms of reference for the chemical industry. We were faced with the task of making an apparatus that completely repeats the equipment made earlier in Japan. According to the available sketches and technical description, a set of design documentation was developed and approved. At the same time, all the requirements of foreign standards were adapted to Russian GOSTs. Strength calculations were performed, confirming the correctness of the selected thicknesses and steel grades.

The filter is designed to work with aggressive media: sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid. To do this, an anti-corrosion coating of the Rocor brand with a thickness of 1300 microns is applied to the inner surface of the filter housing. The operating mode of the filter involves changing the characteristics of the medium from high overpressure to light vacuum.

The filter is equipped with a "false bottom" type switchgear. Special caps of combined type are used as filter elements (FEL). The filtering surface of the FEL is made of polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber, and the connecting fitting is made of titanium.
For more convenient movement of the filter to the installation site, the design of the supports allows them to be removed and transported separately.
Transportation of equipment on public roads on a special low-loader trawl with escort was organized.

We can handle filters of any size!

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