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In autumn, water treatment specialists actively carry out work to prepare for the winter heating season. In the last months before the cold weather, it is necessary to complete all scheduled repairs of technological equipment. Therefore, it is during this period that there is an urgent need for filter elements, distribution devices and other components of water treatment equipment.

From September to October, the production enterprise "TEKO-FILTER" produced and shipped to consumers:

  • More than 14,000 slot caps of various designs;
  • 16 sets of drainage distribution systems;
  • More than 700 TEKO-SLOT products (slotted pipes, sieves, gratings, etc.);
  • 12 industrial filters of various types;
  • Other filtration equipment.

High-quality equipment manufactured by TEKO-FILTER has been tested by time and demanding consumers. For 28 years of work in the market of water treatment equipment in Russia and abroad, LLC PP "TEKO-FILTER" has established itself as a reliable manufacturer that can perform any, even non-standard tasks.

Clean water time!

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