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Water Filter Nozzle, FEL (slotted drainage caps), 4th version

Water Filter Nozzle, FEL (slotted drainage caps), 4th version, are designed for filtrate (solution) separation from the filtering medium and further filtrate discharge.

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 24 months

Delivery - Worldwide


Water Filter Nozzle, FEL (slotted drainage caps), 4th version

Water Filter Nozzle are mounted in the filters’ collection and distribution assemblies of various purpose and design.

Operation principle: the filtrate (solution) moves through the filtering medium, is separated by FEL unit and removed through a connected fitting for further treatment.

Water Filter Nozzle (slotted caps), 4th version, are manufactured according to Specifications TU 3113-006-33513134-2009 "Wire-wound filtering element of "FEL TS" type" and registered in the State Register on September 11th, 2009.

Water Filter Nozzle, 4th version, is a light and robust structure obtained through winding of a V-shaped wire over the stringers of triangular, rectangular or round sections which form FEL's cylindrical frame.

The connection fitting has a threaded end to screw on the filtering elements. Unthreaded filtering elements are welded to the collection and distribution assembly.

When the wire is being wound on the FEL frame, each wire-stringer point of contact is welded. The slot size of the spirally-wound FEL filtering element (slotted drainage cap) corresponds to the pitch of the wire winding onto the frame. The V-shaped wire enables to get the slots with a diffusive expansion and high precision slot width.

Due to a diffusive expansion of the slot and a V-shaped wire with sharp edges FEL's specific hydraulic properties are achieved.

Диффузорное расширение щели и проволока треугольного сечения с заостренными концами обеспечивает особые гидравлические свойства ФЭЛа.

Water Filter Nozzle, 4th version, is made of 12Х18N10Т stainless steel or steels of equivalent grade. Due to a corrosion-resistant material the filtering elements have increased resistance to aggressive media.

Core benefits of Water Filter Nozzle, 4th version:

  • high filtering capacity;
  • low hydraulic friction;
  • filtering medium is not removed out of the filter.

Twin FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps) were custom designed to replace currently used plastics FEL in the distribution assembly of the counter-flow filters.

Such FELs were supplied to OAO "Severstal", Novolipetsk steel mill, Ryazansky oil refinery plant.

Product line and specifications of Water Filter Nozzle (FEL), 4th version

Designation Slot width, mm Filtration area
(open area)
Dimensions, mm
diameter height
FEL ТS-0.2-5.9-4-N-G1/2-V 0,2±0,05 5,90 cm2 52 71
FEL ТS-0.2-5.9-4-N-G3/4-V 0,2±0,05 5,90 cm2 52 73
FEL ТS-0.2-14-4-N-K3/4-V 0,2±0,05 14,00 cm2 76 103
FEL ТS-0.4-6-4-N-G3/4-V-PK 0,4±0,05 6,00 cm2 52 174
FEL ТS-0.4-6-4-N-K3/4-V 0,4±0,05 6,00 cm2 52 60
FEL ТS-0.4-6-4-N-K3/4-V 0,4±0,05 10,60 cm2 52 73
FEL ТS-0.4-10.6-4-N-М24х2-N-D 0,4±0,05 10,60 cm2 52 178


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