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Combined Water Filter Nozzle, FEL (slotted drainage caps)

Combined Water Filter Nozzle (slotted drainage caps) are designed for filtrate (solution) separation from the filtering medium and further filtrate discharge.

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 24 months

Delivery - Worldwide


Combined Water Filter Nozzle, FEL (slotted drainage caps)

FEL filtering elements are mounted in the filters’ collection and distribution assemblies of various purpose and design.

Operation principle: the filtrate (solution) moves through the filtering medium, is separated by FEL unit and removed through a connected fitting for further treatment.

Combined Water Filter Nozzle filtering elements is a prefabricated structure consisting of a top plastic lid, stainless "TEKO-SLOT" wire-wound filtering unit, bottom plastic lid and a threaded plastic fitting to interconnect the parts.

The filtering elements are connected to the distribution assembly by means of a threaded connection fitting.

The hands-on experience in manufacture of FELs made of stainless steel or various plastics, as well as multiple users' responses show that customized solution is required for the specific operating conditions. In this view, our engineers have developed a slotted cap which combines advantages of items made of various materials.

The benefits of the combined FELs include advantages of the slotted caps made of stainless steel, as well as plastics:

  • high corrosion resistance of the lid and connection fitting (no weak points of welding due to a poor metal structure);
  • high filtering capacity and mechanical strength of "TEKO-SLOT" filtering unit;
  • filtering surface resistance to clogging due to a diffusive expansion of slots of "TEKO-SLOT" wire-wound filtering elements;
  • resistance to high temperatures;
  • low hydraulic friction;
  • original easy-to-use prefabricated structure (some FEL's parts may be replaced, as well as washed and cleaned if dirty).

Combined FEL's structure has no disadvantages peculiar to plastic slotted drainage caps, namely:

  • embrittlement of plastics due to exposure to aggressive environment and temperatures;
  • change of the slot width due to plastic deformation under the influence of high temperatures and hydraulic impacts;
  • failures occurred during maintenance and repair works.

Product line and specifications of combined FEL filtering elements

Designation Slot width, mm Filtration area
(open area)
Dimensions, mm
diameter height
FEL ТС-0.2-5.3-4-N/PP-G1/2-V 0,2±0,05 5,30 cm2 57 72,5
FEL ТС-0.2-3.7-4-N/PP-G1/2-V 0,2±0,05 3,70 cm2 57 72,5
FEL ТС-0.2-3.7-4-N/PP-G3/4-V 0,2±0,05 3,70 cm2 57 72,5
FEL ТС-0.4-6.9-4-N/PP-G1/2-V 0,4±0,05 6,90 cm2 57 72,5
FEL ТС-0.4-6.9-4-N/PP-G3/4-V 0,4±0,05 6,90 cm2 57 72,5


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