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Reinforced Polyester Filters

Filters made of composite materials (filters made of plastic) for various purposes are used to purify and prepare water. Plastic filters are a new product that has a number of advantages over traditional steel filters.

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 24 months

Delivery - Worldwide


Reinforced Polyester Filters

Today we live in a dynamically changing and rapidly developing world. Recent advances in science and technology affect all aspects of human life, allowing us to improve living and working conditions. In order to always be up-to-date and up-to-date, it is no longer enough just to improve the available technologies, the introduction and application of fundamentally new innovative approaches and breakthrough ideas is required. This also applies to our area of ​​activity - water treatment technologies, and equipment used in water treatment plants. We, as a modern and constantly developing enterprise, strive to offer our customers all the latest and most innovative in the field of water purification and water treatment equipment.

Today, in the field of production of capacitive equipment for water treatment and water purification, structural steels (carbon and stainless) are widely used as the main material. Everyone knows the features, advantages and disadvantages of equipment made from steel. We only note that such equipment is distinguished by the high complexity of manufacturing associated with a large number of metalworking operations (turning, milling, welding, etc., etc.), a large weight, and also the need for special measures to protect against corrosion. Therefore, today, plastic and various composite materials are becoming increasingly popular in the field of manufacturing capacitive equipment for water treatment and water purification, gradually replacing metal.

Our company, keeping up with the times and continuing to develop its production capabilities, offers its customers water treatment filters made of special composite materials. These materials differ in a number of unique characteristics and advantages that allow them to be widely used in the production of equipment for the preparation and purification of water.

The main advantages of composite materials:

  • low cost in comparison with standard steel grades;
  • long term of operation with minimum maintenance costs, and minimum number of equipment shutdowns (there is no need for current repairs and maintenance - no need to “weld”, “tint”, etc., etc.);
  • light weight of the material compared to carbon steel is 4 times (1.7 kg / dm3 - reinforced polyester, steel - 7.8 kg / dm3);
  • high corrosion resistance in a wide temperature range from -40ºС to + 120ºС;
  • high mechanical strength with light weight in a wide temperature range from -40ºС to + 120ºС;
  • the possibility of application in the food industry and for drinking water supply without restrictions.

We offer plastic filters for cleaning and preparing water, chemical, food and other industries.

Filters are designed for:

  • mechanical cleaning (FOV);
  • sorption purification (FSU);
  • ion exchange (FIPa, FISD).

All main performance characteristics correspond to standard filters manufactured by engineering plants of the Russian Federation from carbon steels.

Technical characteristics of filters made of composite materials:

  • working pressure from 0.25 MPa to 1 MPa;
  • working temperature from 40ºС to 95ºС;
  • case diameter from 600 mm to 3500 mm;
  • the height of the layer of filter material from 1000 mm to 2400 mm;
  • productivity for purified water from 9 m3 / h to 480 m3 / h;
  • internal prefabricated switchgears and filter elements made of plastic or stainless steel;
  • flushing with water or water and air;
  • viewing windows made of plexiglass;
  • color at the request of the customer;

5 year warranty.

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