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Filters from Polyamide 6

Filters made of polyamide 6 are used to purify and prepare water in the chemical, food and other industries.

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Filters from Polyamide 6

Filters from Polyamide 6 are used to purify and prepare water in the chemical, food and other industries.

Destination. Filters are intended for: mechanical filtration (FOV); sorption purification (FSU); ion exchange (FIPa, FISD).

Фильтры из Полиамида 6Фильтры из Полиамида 6

Polyamide 6 is a thermoplastic polymer obtained by hydrolytic polyamidation of caprolactam. This is a structural polymer material in which excellent mechanical and chemical properties are optimally combined.

The use of polyamide materials.

Polyamide compositions of various grades of PA-6 were widely used at enterprises in the aviation, automotive, oil and engineering industries:

  • unreinforced materials are necessary for the production of hoses, containers, profiles, cable insulation, pipelines, films, sheets and other polymeric goods;
  • mineral-filled materials are used for the manufacture of industrial and hull parts that do not require additional processing during casting;
  • reinforced materials containing polyamide 6 are necessary to perform various parts of automobiles, sports equipment, clamps, clips, wheels and other household items;
  • self-extinguishing materials are used in electrical engineering, electronics and instrumentation;
  • New polymeric materials with improved decorative appearance and increased fluidity serve as the basis for structural products.


Specifications Polyamide 6:

  • Melting point: 220 ° C.
  • Tensile Strength: 82 MPa.
  • Bending Strength: 3300 MPa.
  • Processability by depolymerization 100%.

Фильтры из Полиамида 6Фильтры из Полиамида 6

Advantages of filters made of Polyamide 6:

  • high mechanical strength, rigidity and hardness;
  • good fatigue strength;
  • good sliding properties (abrasion resistance);
  • very high wear resistance;
  • good insulating properties;
  • high resistance to radiation energy (gamma and x-rays);
  • withstands steam sterilization up to 140 ° C;
  • good resistance to shock and vibration loads;
  • high chemical resistance to oils, gasoline, alcohol, weak acids, dilute and concentrated alkalis;
  • absolute non-toxicity;
  • good frost resistance;
  • water resistance;
  • low flammability;
  • relatively low price.

Technical characteristics of filters made of Polyamide 6:

  • Working pressure: up to 1 MPa.
  • Resistance to vacuum.
  • Maximum working temperature: 50 ° C.
  • Maximum allowable pressure drop: 0.4 MPa.
  • Safety margin 4: 1.

All the main performance characteristics of the filters correspond to those of standard filters made of carbon steel.

Internal filter devices (NRU, VRU) are made of polypropylene or heavy-duty plastic PVDF.

The inner surface of the filters is additionally protected by a layer of polyethylene for maximum resistance to aggressive environments.

One of the most important characteristics of equipment made from Polyamide 6 is its complete environmental harmlessness. These products may be 100% recyclable!


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