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Filters for liquids and gases

Industrial filters for cleaning from mechanical contaminations are steel cylindrical devices with a one-piece or dismountable housing. Inside the housing slotted (mesh) filter screens or cartridges "TEKO-SLOT" are installed. The package also includes the necessary fasteners and counter flanges.

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 30 months

Delivery - Worldwide


Filters for liquids and gases

The filter housing can be equipped with a heating device and / or adapted for thermal insulation mounting. Filters that work with aggressive, flammable and explosive substances have protective equipment and safety devices.

Design, manufacture, acceptance and operation of slotted filters for cleaning liquids and gases is carried out in accordance with the requirements of TU3683-009-33513134-2012 "Filtering equipment. Technical specifications"; GOST 34347-2015 "Welded steel vessels and apparatus"; PB 03-584-03 "Rules for the design, manufacture and acceptance of welded steel vessels and apparatus"; PB 03-576-03 "Rules of design and safe operation of pressure vessels".

The purpose of filters is to purify water, water solutions, liquid and gaseous substances, hydrocarbons, air, liquid food products, etc. from solid suspended particles of various dispersity. The size of the trapped particles can be from 0.05 to 3 mm.

Mechanical cleaning filters (FMO) are used for removal of suspended particles from 0.05 mm to 1.5 mm in size;

Operation principles of mechanical cleaning filter and self-cleaning filter (video)

Specifications are shown in the table below.

Description Value
Filtration capacity, m3/h 50-3000
Mesh size, mm 0,05-3
Internal operating pressure, MPa (kg/cm2) up to 6.0 (60)
Operating temperature of filtered material, С from -10 to +150
Material of the vessel and internal components carbon steel
stainless steel
fibre-glass and composite

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