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Automatic Screen Self-cleaning Filter for water

Mesh self-cleaning filters are used for cleaning liquids from suspended particles

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 24 months

Delivery - Worldwide


Automatic Screen Self-cleaning Filter for water

Purpose. Mesh filters are used for pre-filtration of water before reverse osmosis or ultraviolet water treatment units for technological needs, as well as for drinking water treatment and water treatment in recycling.

Design description. Mesh filters are cylindrical devices with mesh filtering elements made of plastic or stainless steel, which are installed inside.

Operation principle of mesh filter: liquid passes through mesh filter elements, on which the suspended particles are retained. Self-cleaning of filters can be electric or hydraulic.

The electrical system operates with rubber nozzles. A rubber brush cleans the surface of the filter element, and a suction scanner removes dirt.

Сетчатые самопромывные фильтрыСетчатые самопромывные фильтры

The hydraulic system operates with plastic nozzles, through which dirt is sucked from the filter element.

Сетчатые самопромывные фильтрыСетчатые самопромывные фильтры

The blowback flow comes at the same pressure as the incoming water during filtration. However, the water treatment process does not stop.

Mesh filters can operate in automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes.

Advantages of mesh self-cleaning filters:

  • cost-effectiveness (relatively low price and maintenance costs);
  • easy operation (possibility of full automation);
  • continuous operation (washing is carried out simultaneously with filtering);
  • compactness;
  • automatic self-cleaning system allows achieving the required quality of cleaning;
  • suitable for use in any industry.


Performance of mesh filters depends on their dimensions and ranges from 5 to 690 m3/h.

Filtration fineness – from 0.01 mm to 1.5 mm.

Materials of the housing: plastic (polyamide with glass fiber), carbon steel, stainless steel.

Automatic Screen Self-cleaning Filter for waterAutomatic Screen Self-cleaning Filter for water

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