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Slotted tubes

We produce slotted tube of various diameters from profiled triangular wire. Products are manufactured under the brand name TEKO-SLOT.

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 24 months

Delivery - Worldwide



Slotted tubes

The slotted grate is a light and very strong structure, which is obtained by winding a wire of triangular section. This design eliminates clogging of the slit and gives maximum throughput.

The direction of filtration can be implemented according to the principle:

  • Outside - Inward 
  • Inside Out 


Benefits of TEKO-SLOT slotted grates:

  • no clogging of the FEL's slots due to a V-shape wire profile used in the screen structure;
  • high mechanical strength of filtering elements allowing to withstand high loads;
  • high corrosion resistance due to usage of high-grade stainless steel, including acid-proof and heat-resistant steels;
  • high penetration rate of the filtered media due to a large filtration area and specific slot design;
  • low hydraulic friction;
  • even distribution of the filtered flow;
  • guaranteed slot with ±0.015 mm tolerance;
  • FELs with possible inwards and outwards filtration direction;
  • efficient cleaning of the slotted filter surface by liquid or steam backwash, compressed air or chemicals with filtering surface geometry staying unchanged;
  • manufacture of filtering equipment with slotted screens of various size and configuration, as well as filter units.


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