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Concrete foundation

Water Distributor for filter tank, сoncrete foundation type. The bottom collection and distribution assemblies on the concrete foundation consist of a horizontal manifold based with its bend onto the lower elliptical bottom of the filter's vessel, distribution pipes and a supporting device. The manifold's bend may be flanged.

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 24 months

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Concrete foundation

The distribution pipes are equipped with fitting to screw in FEL slotted caps. Distribution pipes may be manufactured from "TEKO SLOT" slotted wire-wound elements.

The assembly is poured with concrete using an overlay (acid resisting concrete is used for H-cation filters), so that threaded fittings for installation of slotted caps shall remain uncovered.

These drainage and distribution assemblies enable quite uniform distribution of water flows and high efficiency of filtration and regeneration processes.

Such drainage assemblies are widely used in FIPa filters.

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