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Water treatment for the needs of metallurgical industry: your task - our solution!


Water treatment in metallurgical industry is an important issue, which is given special attention. Specifically prepared or treated water is used in various stages of rolled metal production (oxygen-steelmaking process, recycling processes in various metallurgical plants, equipment cooling, metal cutting, electric erosion) as well as in the heat and power shops, boiler rooms and heat power plants of iron-and-steel works. Thoroughly cleaned water that passed all required treatment stages is essential for production of high-quality steel products; besides water quality influences the durability and efficient operation of the heat-exchange equipment. Additionally, waste water from iron-and steel works is also treated.

Our company develops and manufactures mechanical, sorption and ion-exchange filters of a specific design to clean water from suspended solids, rust, oil, metal ions, as well as to soften and demineralise the recycle feed water.

At present, many iron and steel companies in Russia use water-treatment equipment designed and manufactured in the 70-80s of the ХХ century. As a result of such long operation this equipment is worn-out and fails. So it needs constant upgrading and retrofitting in compliance with the present-day operation requirements and conditions.

Currently, we are capable to develop and manufacture the high-end, quality, reliable and stable equipment: internal components for filters or filtering elements to retrofit the recycle feed water treatment facilities in many iron and steel works. Our engineering solutions will ensure the long-lasting and fail-proof operation of the water-treatment facilities at any iron and steel company, as well as reduction of equipment repair and maintenance costs.

Many companies of ferrous- and non-ferrous metallurgy use our products: OAO "Severstal", ОАО "Novolipetsk steel mill", OAO "Serp and Molot", OAO "Izhstal", OAO "Zlatoust Metallurgical Works", OAO "Ashinsk Metallurgical Works", OAO "Middle-Ural Coper Plant", OAO "West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant" and many other companies, including pipe and steel rolling mills, constructional iron-works and mining-and-processing works.

OAO "Severstal" awarded the title of "Reliable Supplier" to "TEKO-FILTER" company.
Please, fill in the order sheet for the required products, send us requests indicating your engineering task or contact us by phone: +7 (8482) 20-83-61; 20-85-90.

We'll be glad to provide real assistance in improvement of water and sewage treatment facilities' operation for any metallurgical company!



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