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Being one of the fast-growing industries the food industry today is a strategic sector of Russia economy. Almost every process in food industry requires usage of water: Whether in meat processing, soft-drink production, milk industry, production of liqueurs and spirits, bakery and confectionery products and many others - specifically treated water is used in all of them. The quality of water obtained through water treatment directly impacts the primary consumer property of a product - its taste. Moreover, water in food industry is also used in the boiler rooms to get steam and heat for in-house needs.

Water treatment in food industry is a specific process. Along with compliance to SanPiN "Drinking water. Hygienic requirements to water quality", each technological process has additional specific requirements depending on a kind of product, for which such treated water is used.

Our stainless filtering elements have been successfully used in the ion-exchange columns, where milk (and other liquid products) is treated by ion-exchange resins to increase its thermal resistance for further pasteurization and sterilization processes. In production of liqueurs, spirits, vodka, wines and soft drinks our filters are used for water softening upstream of water demineralization plant (production of vodka and clean alcohol, as well as soft drinks and bottled water). Additionally, bottle-washing machines also use softened water treated in "TEKO-FILTER" ion-exchange filters.

For the food industry we produce filters, with the vessel and internal components entirely made of a food grade stainless steel or specific composite materials. Our equipment has all necessary Hygienic Certificates for application in the food industry. To make repairing and retrofitting of filtration equipment we produce upper and lower drainage distribution assemblies as well as FEL filtering elements of various types.

Another company's profile for the food industry is manufacturing of filtration and purification equipment for liquids and loose materials, which is based on a simple and robust structure of "TEKO-SLOT” slotted screens. "TEKO-SLOT" filtering screens of various diameters and designs are used in production of milk, beer, rye beer, wine and other products. Available designs: cylindrical, flat, conical and arc type. Applied material: food grade stainless steel.

"TEKO-FILTER" equipment is successfully used in many food industry enterprises. Among them are meat-processing plants, milk factories, confectionery works, canning plants, wineries, alcohol plants.

Please, fill in the order sheet for the required products, send us requests indicating your engineering task or contact us by phone: +7 (8482) 20-83-61; 20-85-90. We'll be glad to provide real assistance in improvement of water and sewage treatment facilities’ operation of any food producing company!


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