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In 2018–2019 our company implemented a project for the manufacture and supply of the filtering equipment for the Amur Gas Processing Plant being under construction.

Within the scope of the project the following filters were manufactured:

  • filters FOV-3.4-0.6 – 20 pcs;
  • filters FSU-3.4-0.6 – 20 pcs;
  • filters FOV-2.0-0.6 – 12 pcs;
  • contact tanks (FOV-1.0-0.6) – 6 pcs;
  • filters (FSU-1.0-0.6) for waste water treatment plant – 6 pcs.

TOTALLY sixty three filters of various diameters were manufactured.

Delivery to the Amur GPP
Delivery to the Amur GPP
Delivery to the Amur GPP
Delivery to the Amur GPP
Delivery to the Amur GPP
Delivery to the Amur GPP

All filters are made of carbon steel, have inner and outer anti-corrosion coating selected in accordance with the severe operation conditions and the requirements of PAO Gazprom.

The upper distribution unit of "cup-in-cup" type is made of stainless steel; the lower distribution unit is of "false bottom" type. Totally, the filters were equipped with more than 21 thousand filtering elements of FEL PL-K1-36x0.35-M24-60-0L type.

The special anti-corrosion coating was applied to the internal and external surfaces of the filters’ vessels. The selection of coating materials was based on the customer requirements. The coating application method was in strict compliance with the internal standards of the customer.

All filters feature the seismic design since the facility is located in the seismic zone with intensity 7 of the MSK-64 scale.

The technical datasheet and operation documentation in Russian and English were developed for each filter in accordance with GOST R 52630-2012. In addition, the following set of technical, design and production documentation was provided as per internal customer standards: drawings of parts and assemblies, welding and control flow charts, test and check-out reports.

Manufacturing and all factory testing were performed under control of the inspection committees of Public Joint Stock Company ”Gazprom”  and Joint-Stock Company “NIPIgazpererabotka” (SIBUR) subcontractors. Upon the manufacturing completion, the equipment corresponded to all requirements of the regulatory documents and special customer requirements.

The equipment was delivered by truck. There were 8 runs of trucks and 17 runs of low loader trailers.

The Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) near the town of Svobodny, Amur Region, will become one of the largest gas processing facilities in the world. It will serve as an essential link in the process chain of natural gas supplies to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. The plant will receive multi-component gas from the Yakutia and Irkutsk gas production centres, which are being established by Gazprom within the Eastern Gas Program.


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