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The next review was received from JSC “Novomoskovsk joint stock company “Azot”.

A batch of CPVC filter distribution assemblies devices with water filter nozzle was shipped to the customer

  • UNSR 1600-1 FIPaI-1,6-0,6
  • UNSR 2300-1 FIPaI-2,3-0,6
  • USSR 1600-1 FIPaI-1,6-0,6

Drainage systems were installed in several filters for various purposes:

  • H-water softener filter;
  • OH filter I stage;
  • OH filter II stage;
  • FSD;
  • H – filter for purification of process condensate.

During filter operation, acids and alkalis are used for ion exchange resin regeneration. In addition, the H-filter for cleaning process condensate operates at high temperatures: 80-85 °C.

"There were no problems during the installation of device everything was installed in the shortest possible time.
During the operation of the distribution devices of the company ”TEKO-FILTER”, there were no breakdowns of this equipment. All the declared characteristics of devices and filter elements in terms of performance and reliability were confirmed during the 4-year operation.


Taking into account the positive experience in the operation of “TEKO-FILTER” devices, we plan to continue using your company's equipment and recommend it for use by other enterprises."

 JSC Novomoskovskaya joint-stock Company “Azot” (JSC NAC “Azot”) is one of the largest chemical enterprises in Russia. The second largest Russian producer of nitrogen fertilizers and ammonia. The company is a part of the holding company "Mineral and chemical company "EuroChem".

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