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In July 2020, a well screen filter was shipped for a well in the Uyutny microdistrict (Uzyukovo, Samara region).

Purified water from the well will be supplied to the villagers.

The well is over 112 meters deep and, taking into account the aquifer the filter is 15 meters long.

The product has a diameter of 278 mm and consists of three filter elements FEL ТС -0,15-3340-4-Н/У, manufactured using the  "TEKO-SLOT" technology. Manufacturing material - stainless steel 12X18H10T.

The suburban village "Uyutny" is located in an ecologically clean place on the territory of the village of Uzyukovo, Stavropol district, Samara region.

The village administration constantly monitors the quality of drinking water, which is supplied to residents, and has decided to modernize its water intake wells. After studying the market, the equipment of  "TEKO FILTER" Ltd. was selected as the most suitable in terms of price and quality for equipping the well.

Our company has made a well filter taking into account the analysis of water and all the technical requirements of the customer.

We are sure that the residents of the Uyutny settlement will appreciate the quality of the water received from the well!

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