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The Manufacturing company “TEKO-FILTER” has shipped the filters for liquids and gases FMO TS-25-0.6-0.2x7-2K to the address of FSUE «Production Association «Mayak»

The product will be used for wastewater treatment.

The main feature of this installation is the presence of a control unit that allows you to automate the cleaning process and make it continuous. The installation consists of two self-cleaning filters, working alternately and designed to trap mechanical impurities in the preparation of wastewater solutions for treatment by ultrafiltration.


For ease of installation and maintenance, the unit is assembled on a single frame. The layout and arrangement of mounting elements and pipelines are made individually according to customer requirements. The plant has completed the complete assembly of the unit. The customer only needs to connect the pipelines of the source medium, clean water and effluents.

Each filter is equipped with seven TEKO-SLOT filter elements. For switching on / off and distribution of the medium flow, shut-off and control valves are provided: rotary disc valves with electric drives. Additionally, the delivery includes: a control cabinet and a set of sensors (flow, pressure).

ACS of the installation is implemented on a modern controller of the SIEMENS brand. Implemented intuitive control and a high level of visualization of the unit operation.

FSUE «Production Association «Mayak» (FSUE «PA «Mayak»), Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region - the first industrial facility of the domestic nuclear industry. - is the leading enterprise of the Russian nuclear weapons complex and provides state security, fulfilling the state defense order for the production of components of modern nuclear weapons.

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