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In the autumn of 2020, our company carried out a number of deliveries of drainage systems for the distribution of industrial filters. During this period, many enterprises are working on preparations for the winter heating season and scheduled repairs of technological equipment.

The products were shipped to enterprises of various industries: food, gas, petrochemical, energy, mechanical engineering, etc. Among the customers are large energy, petrochemical and metallurgical corporations, as well as small municipal enterprises.

The following switchgears have been shipped to our customers:

  • UNSR 1000-1K FIPaI-1.0-0.6
  • UNSR 1000-1K FIPaI-1.0-0.6
  • UNSR 3000-1 FOV-3.0-0.6
  • UNSR 2000-2 FIPaI-2.0-0.6
  • UNSR 3000-1K FIPa II-3.0-0.6
  • UNSR 3000-1 FOV-2K-3.0-0.6
  • UNSR 1900-1 FISDVr-1.9-0.6 (PVC)
  • USSR 1900-1 FISDVr-1.9-0.6 (PVC)
  • USSR 1900-1V FISDVr-1.9-0.6
  • UVSRl 2000-1 Du150
  • UVSRl 3000-1V Du2
  • and etc.

In just a month, 12 items were produced. Buyers received stainless steel and PVC products. Each item is tailored to its specific operating conditions and takes into account the characteristics of the working environment.

For 25 years of work on the market of water treatment equipment in Russia and abroad, "TEKO- FILTER" Ltd. has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality distribution drainage devices and other components for industrial filters.

We are always ready to promptly solve any of your tasks related to the filtration of liquid and gaseous media.

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