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In the period from October to November 2020, our company shipped equipment to the address of LLC Siberian Generating Company, the city of Krasno-Yarsk.

The delivery set includes ion-exchange counterflow two-chamber filters FIPr-2K-3.0-0.6, in the amount of 3 pcs. The equipment is designed and manufactured specifically for the design needs of the station. Has a unique design of internal devices. The filters are designed to complete the chemical water treatment plant (HWO) of JSC Nazarovskaya GRES.

The filter housings are divided into two chambers for loading different ion-exchange resins into one apparatus housing. Regeneration will be carried out in a counter-current mode, which will allow saving reagents, water for the plant's own needs and reducing the amount of effluents. On the inner surface of the filter housings, the anti-corrosion coating "Konstakor TEP" was applied. The outer surfaces of carbon steel filters are painted in accordance with the customer's specifications.

All filters are equipped with distribution devices: upper, middle and lower. Device type: "false bottom" with plastic filter elements:

  • FEL Pl-K1-36x0,5-M24-50-oL (PP);
  • FEL Pl-C1-0,2/K1-0,5-18 (PP);
  • FEL Pl-C1-36x0,2-M24-50-oL (PP).

Nazarovskaya GRES is located in the city of Nazarovo, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia and is one of the largest thermal power plants in Siberia. The plant's capacity is 1313 MW. JSC Nazarovskaya GRES is part of the Siberian Generating Company Group.

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