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Recently, our company has carried out a number of large deliveries of non-standard filter nozzle of titanium (FEL).

All products are designed and manufactured according to an individual order and take into account the peculiarities of the operation of filtering equipment. FEL are made of VT1-00 titanium, which makes them stable when working with aggressive media.

The products will be used in the chemical industry, special columns in metallurgical production, in a gold mining enterprise, etc.

The following filter elements were manufactured for our customers:

  • FEL TS-0.2-6.9-4-T-G1 / 2-B;
  • FEL TS-0.2-4-4-T-M6;
  • FEL TS-0.2-6.9-4-T-K3 / 4-V;
  • FEL TS-0.4-109-4-T;
  • and etc.

More than 350 titanium products in total. Each product meets its specific operating conditions and takes into account the characteristics of the working environment.

We are always ready to promptly solve any of your tasks related to the filtration of liquid and gaseous media.

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