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One of the most important activities of the TEKO-FILTER company is the production of equipment for nuclear power plants. Our products are used at all operating and construction stations of ROSATOM. Today, the construction of a large nuclear power plant in Turkey (Akkuyu NPP) is in the active phase.

Within the framework of the concluded agreement, our company has produced the following water filter nozzle (slotted drainage caps):

  • FEL TS-0.2-14-4-N-R1 / 2-B;
  • FEL TS-0.2-1-1-N-G2 1/4-H;
  • FEL TS-0.2-3.2-1-N-G3 / 4-N-D;
  • FEL TS-0.1-48-4-N-G1½-H;
  • FEL TS-0.1-61-4-N-M42x2-N;
  • FEL TS-0.1-149-4-N-fl;
  • FEL Pl-0.02-1545-4-P-160 (75);
  • FEL Pl-0.01-1545-4-P-160 (75).

The filter elements will be used in cation exchange filters, mechanical filters, mixed-bed filters and trap filters of the Akkuyu NPP.

To date, the first batch of FEL has been shipped for Unit 1 of the NPP. In the future, products will be made for all 4 blocks.

Akkuyu NPP (Akkuyu Nükleer Güç Santrali) is a nuclear power plant under construction on the southern coast of Turkey. It is being built according to a Russian project, which includes the construction and commissioning of four power units with VVER-1200 reactors.

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