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In July 2021, our company manufactured and shipped filter nets (FEL) for the needs of the Kursk nuclear power plant.

The products are manufactured as import substitution for foreign counterparts and fully comply with all requirements and standards. FEL will be installed in industrial water filters made in Germany. All equipment is located in the reactor shop of the NPP.

For the manufacture of filter nets, a special tooling was set up for a pipe with a diameter of 300 mm with a profile of 2.0x3.0 mm and a slot of 0.4 mm. The design has 383 supporting stringers to increase the strength characteristics of the FEL. The filtration direction is from inside to outside.
To date, the filter elements have already been installed and put into operation.
Kursk NPP is one of the top four nuclear power plants and is the most important node of the Unified Energy System of Russia. The main consumer is the Center energy system, which covers 19 regions of the Central Federal District of Russia.

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