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In November 2021. our enterprise has manufactured a batch of non-standard size slotted pipe TS-449 (441) -T1.5-12 / T1.5-0.2 based on the TEKO-SLOT wireframe structure.
A total of 4 products were produced with a diameter of 449 mm and a length of 1400 mm.

The slotted pipe will be installed in the customer's filter designed to clean mechanical impurities from the Cenomanian (saline) water at the pump suction. Filtration direction is from inside to outside.
All equipment is manufactured in accordance with the customer's specifications. When designing, technological calculations of the operation of the apparatus were carried out and the diameter of the inner element was selected so that the filtration rate through the slotted pipe corresponded to the permissible parameters set by the customer.
You can find out more about the TEKO-SLOT wire-frame structure, evaluate all its characteristics and possible parameters, as well as familiarize yourself with the products made on its basis, on the website: www.teko-slot.ru


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