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The nuclear industry is one of the most important and responsible industries, which requires special attention to the quality of the water used. Water in the nuclear industry is used to cool reactors, produce steam, and for other technological processes. Therefore, water quality must be at the highest level to ensure the safety and efficiency of nuclear power plants.

The TEKO-FILTER Production Enterprise produces a wide range of water treatment equipment that is used in the nuclear industry:

  • industrial filter tank machine for water filtration (AFI, AFR, AFS, AFIUK, AFISDNR, AFISDVR, AFSSS, AFK);
  • drainage and distribution filter devices: lower (UNSR), upper (UVSR), middle (UKSR), beam pipes;
  • filter nozzle for industry tanks;
  • filter trap for water (AFL);
  • slotted pipes, filter meshes, various “TEKO-SLOT” designs.

In 2023 - 2024, the number of orders and products for this area has increased significantly. This became possible thanks to our extensive positive experience and successful work in the design and production of equipment for the nuclear industry over the past 15 years.

We participate in major Russian and international ROSATOM projects. We can proudly say that the products we produce help purify water at nuclear power plants in India, Iran, Turkey, China, Bangladesh and, of course, at all Russian nuclear power plants.

The production of equipment for nuclear power plants is carried out according to special design, technological and production documentation. All necessary tests and inspections are carried out. The manufacturing quality is controlled at all stages of production according to Quality Plans previously agreed with the customer and the end user. Inspections include interaction with both the General Construction Contractor and Authorized Organizations, Leading Materials 

Research Organizations, Design Institutes, Foreign Customer Representatives, etc.
Today, fulfilling all the requirements of regulatory documentation, our company manufactures equipment and components for nuclear power plants of safety classes 2, 3 and 4. This activity is licensed and therefore is under constant control by Rostechnadzor.

Compliance with all necessary requirements allows us to produce products of the highest quality and prevent possible accidents and disasters.

Time for clean water!

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