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In this anniversary year for our company, we received a truly significant review from our customer - JSC "ABS ZEiM Automation", Cheboksary. 21 years ago, in 2003, the TEKO-FILTER production enterprise manufactured and shipped its first capacitive equipment - a vertical clarification filter (FOV-1.4-0.6) to the Electronics and Mechanics Plant.

Review of the first filter of our production

And now, when it’s already 2024, how pleased we were to find out that our first filter works and still properly fulfills its entire purpose: preparing water in the boiler room! It’s no wonder that our company’s motto is: “TECHNOLOGY EFFICIENCY QUALITY RESPONSIBILITY.”

1 filter

But at the beginning, a new type of product was a “tough nut to crack” for us - we had to find an approach and, to some extent, get used to the new standards. But gradually this direction was mastered. At first, filters with a diameter of up to 2600 mm were produced, and this seemed to be the limit. Now, in new areas, capacitive equipment with a diameter of 3400 mm and more is already being manufactured. The height of our filters can reach 7 m. This is probably still not the ceiling of possibilities.

Starting with traditional, simpler designs, the company came to produce modern world-class equipment. Using high-quality materials and advanced approaches to organizing production, TEKO-FILTER produces high-quality products that are resistant to aggressive environments and will last for decades. And this feedback received is proof of that.

Time for clean water!

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