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With corrugated panels

Glass reinforced concrete (GRC) Panel. Equipment for water utilities
For more than 5 years TEKO-FILTER have been supplying designs and component for our monolithic concrete filter floor system.The system is a “cast in-situ” design that becomes part of the surrounding civil structure. Unlike other suspended filter floor systems there is no risk of degradation or structural failure, that may lead to the requirement of a refurbishment in years to come.
The system is lightweight and easy to install, allowing the installation to be completed to a very high standard of accuracy. Although lightweight the system is extremely strong, matching that of its civil surrounds.

Equipment parameters:

Price - on request

Warranty - 24 months

Delivery - Worldwide


With corrugated panels

Monolithic filter Floors with corrugated panels - video assembly and operating principles

Scope of a Monolithic Filter Floors:

  • quick non-pressure filters loaded with quartz sand;
  • multilayer fast filters;
  • activated carbon contact filters;
  • sand filters with upward flow;
  • upflow biofilters.

Applicable materials:

Panels for organizing the filtering surface are made of modern composite material - GRC.

The monolithic filter bottom system has several advantages:

  • light weight due to the use of modern materials (GRC, PP)
    ease of installation;
  • high strength commensurate with the strength of the main filter design;
  • uniform distribution of water and air flows without “dead zones”;
  • lack of need for repairs (only replacement of FEL is possible);
  • durability is comparable with the service life of the filter design;
  • delivery is accompanied by a full engineering study;
  • the supplied system is completely ready for installation.

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