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Today water is widely used in thermal energy sector as a heat-transfer liquid due to its abundance in nature and specific thermodynamic properties caused by the molecular structure.

Thermal and nuclear power plantsModern heat and power plants and nuclear power plants equipment is operated at high temperatures, which requires strictly limited amount of deposits on the heating surfaces in accordance with their metal temperature range during the operation. Such deposits form by water solids and impurities brought into the power plants' operating cycles, often with make-up water, therefore supply of high-quality water as a heat-transfer liquid is a critical task for such plants.

According to "Regulations for technical operation of electric power plants and networks of the Russian Federation" (PTE)", clause 4.8.1., water-treatment plants’ operation conditions and water chemistry shall secure cost effectiveness and failure free operation of power plants and heat supply networks that may be influenced by corrosion of the internal surfaces of the water-treatment, heat-power and network equipment, as well as by scum and deposits on the heating surfaces, deposits in the turbine wheel space, and sludge in the power plants' and heat networks' equipment and pipelines. Water treatment in power and nuclear plants is a highly critical and expensive process. The existing water-treatment facilities in many power and nuclear plants has been operating for a long time, therefore now such facilities often require repairing, retrofitting and upgrading. Specific physical and chemical treatment of water is required to comply with various water quality requirements specified for the process of electric and heat power generation. In fact, this water is a raw material used for the following purposes after required treatment:

  • as initial material for generation of steam in the boilers, steam-generators, boiling-water reactors, evaporation plants and steam converters;
  • condensation of waste steam in the steam turbines;
  • cooling of various apparatus and aggregates in CCHP and NPP plants;
  • as a heat-transfer liquid for nuclear plant primary system, heat supply networks and hot water supply systems"*

* - The text is taken from: A.S. Kopylov, V.M. Lavygin, V.F. Ochkov, "Water-treatment in power energy sector" (M. MEI Publishing House, 2003).

"TEKO-FILTER" company develops and manufactures water-treatment equipment for various needs of thermal and nuclear power plants.

The major water treatment method in power energy sector is water demineralization. Water is cleaned in the chemical-treatment plants using conventional ion-exchange (FIP)vertical clarifying (FOV), sorption (FSU) and ion exchange mixed-bed (FISD) filters. We offer new equipment - ready assembled filters, kits required for repairing of up-to-date internal drainage distribution assemblies , as well as separate FEL filtering elements (slotted caps).

We are in position to develop and produce any filter type with all related internal components tailored to the customer needs.

Along with conventional filters we offer ion-exchange counter-flow filters and possibility to retrofit the ion exchange parallel-flow filters into the counter-flow ones. This contributes to improvement of the permeate water quality, lower consumption of chemicals and in-house water and, consequently, lower volumes of waste water, less number of filters used and prolongation of the filter run.

Thermal and nuclear power plants

As an example, we could mention successfully completed retrofitting of the water-treatment facilities of TPP-22 and TPP-27 of ОАО "Mosenergo" (TGK-3), Sverdlovskaya TPP, Sredneuralskaya TPP, Pervouralskaya TPP of ОАО "Sverdlovenergo" (TGK-9) and Ufimskaya TPP-1.

Our long-term experience in water-treatment for thermal and nuclear power plants allowed us to attract many new customers, among which are Russian and foreign thermal power plants, state district power stations and nuclear power plants. Among them are the following Russian NPPs: Kalininskaya NPP, Kurskaya NPP, Volgodonskaya NPP and Leningradskaya NPP; and abroad: Bushehr (Iran), Tian Wang (China), Kudankulam (India).

We offer high-end products, exclusive technical support and reasonable prices.

Individual approach to the customer is among our key benefits.

All our equipment is manufactured in compliance with Specifications developed and owned by "TEKO-FILTER" company. The right to produce equipment for nuclear power plants is confirmed by the License of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor). Our Quality Management System was certified according to GOST P ISO 9001: 2001.

Please, fill in the order sheet for the required products, send us requests indicating your engineering task or contact us by phone: +7 (8482) 20-83-61; 20-85-90.

We'll be glad to provide real assistance in improvement of water and sewage treatment facilities’ operation for any thermal and nuclear power plants!

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