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"TEKO-FILTER" company is a member of the Russian Association of Water Supply and Sanitation


Housing and public utilitiesWater is vital for the daily living activities of people. Improvement of environment situation and quality of the consumed drinking water is an issue of a great importance nowadays. In this view, water treatment plants in all cities and local communities are under the focus of experts, population, and governmental authorities. Unfortunately, for the moment the situation in this sector is far from being trouble-free.

"According to experts' estimates, the sewage treatment facilities in major water treatment plants around Russia are worn out by 60-70%. Moreover, these facilities are out-of-date: even if depreciation is eliminated such facilities are not capable to provide for a full scale water treatment that means they shall be entirely replaced.
Water is one of our principal resources and precondition for health of the nation. The Russian Government attends to the problem of water quality with great care. "Clean Water" program has been developed, and this problem is soon to have a national project status.

(The information is provided by "Rossiyskaya gazeta" newspaper).

The quality of drinking water in Russia is generally regulated by SanPiN "Drinking water. Hygienic Regulations of the Water Quality". Water treatment shall make water composition suitable for normal functioning of a human body. Among major requirements to drinking water are epidemiological safety, toxicological safety, good organoleptic indicators, and its suitability for the household needs.

Throughout its history, "TEKO-FILTER" company has closely cooperated with companies of housing and utility sector, including water treatment plants. Over 30 water treatment plants use our products and services.

Housing and public utilities

One of the primary operation of drinking water treatment is water purification in the rapid gravity sand filters. At many water treatment plants this equipment has not been retrofitted since the date of the plant construction and now is heavily worn-out and out-of-date. We offer up-to-date and reliable collection and distribution assemblies equipped with filtering elements (FEL) for application in the rapid gravity sand filters. Up-to-date equipment of high quality produced by "TEKO-FILTER" company allows prolonging the filter run, reducing water consumption for the backwash, and obtaining the water of the highest quality.

Waste water treatment is another critical task for any city, community or an enterprise. The quality of treated waste water is regulated by SanPiN "Hygienic requirements to surface water protection", SanPiN 4630-88 "Sanitary rules and standards for preservation of surface waters against pollution". According to SanPiN requirements, it is prohibited to discharge into the water bodies any untreated or poorly treated industrial and household waste water and industrial and municipal run-off.

Housing and public utilities"TEKO-FILTER" company offers equipment for treatment of household and industrial waste water, development of process flow charts and equipment for treatment of rainfall and snowmelt run-off coming from hydraulic engineering structures.

We produce clarifying filters (FOV)sorption filters (FS, FSU), as well as their internal assemblies and components: FEL filtering elements (slotted drainage caps), slotted radial pipes, internal assemblies (drainage systems); as well as screens and grates of various sizes and designs,"TEKO-SLOT" wire elements for the well water-intake filters.

Housing and public utilities

For manufacturing of the water-treatment equipment we observe all necessary regulatory documents and have qualified water-treatment technicians and engineers in our staff.

Filters for drinking water treatment are manufactured in compliance with Specifications: TU 4859-007-33513134-2011 "Tanks and vessels for water-treatment filtering plants" и имеют State Registration Certificate; Certificate of Conformity to Technical Regulations.

Filters for waste water treatment are manufactured in compliance with TU 4859-008-33513134-2009 "Waste water treatment filters" and have the Declaration of Conformit to Technical regulations.

Housing and public utilities

We produce components for the internal assemblies of the clarifying filters used in the rainfall run-off treatment plants in Moscow and Moscow region. We've manufactured and supplied the rainfall run-off treatment filters for Angara river bridge in Irkutsk. We have experience in a long-term cooperation with OAO "RKS" (Russian Utilities Systems), as well as with Amur and Kirov Utilities Systems. Our equipment has been successfully implemented in the water treatment plants of the following municipal unitary enterprises: MUP "Ulyanovskvodokanal", UMP "Vodokanal Revda", MUP "Water and sewage services of Bogorodsk", as well as in the water treatment plants of Novosibirsk, Belgorod, Volgograd, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and many other cities all over Russia. Furthermore, among our customers are the companies that build and retrofit the waste water treatment plants, water supply and sewage utilities.


Housing and public utilitiesEfficient and reliable operation of boiler rooms greatly depends on the quality of feed water supplied to the boilers. Water treated to feed the boilers shall be free from any sludge and deposits; it shall prevent boiler's walls and auxiliary heating surfaces from erosion and formation of scum. Quality of heating system water and boiler feed water, as well as chemical water treatment and control are regulated by the Ruling Document RD 24.031.120-91 "Quality standards for system and boiler feed water, chemical water treatment and control"..

The water treatment in boiler rooms includes water softening in ion-exchange plants and deaeration process. "TEKO-FILTER" company performs engineering of systems and manufacturing of the following water treatment equipment for pubic utilities: ion-exchange, clarifying, sorption filters and other equipment. Additionally, we perform retrofitting of existing direct-flow ion-exchange filters into the counter-flow filters. Within such retrofitting we could design and manufacture the required equipment, as well as perform supervision and commissioning of the filters' internal assemblies made of stainless steel, piping lines, shut-off and control valves, pumps, instrumentation and controls.

Proposed retrofit allows obtaining the required amount of softened water during single ionization stage. As a result, it allows to reduce the consumption of chemicals (sodium chlorate) required for ionization processes, and, subsequently, reduce harmful effluents of the heat power plants by 2 times in average.

As an example, our experts have retrofitted the water treatment plants for the following housing and public utility companies: Municipal Unitary Enterprise for Housing and Public Services MUP PO KKh in Togliatti, United Boiler Rooms of Zheleznodorozhny district in Yekaterinburg, boiler rooms of "SMUEK" company in Samara, the power shop of "Electroshield Samara Group", and others.

Housing and public utilitiesIt is important to note that list of our partners includes various companies of public and utility sector operating in Russia: "Volgograd public utility systems", "Astrakhankommunenergo", "Smolenskkommunenergo", "Tatkommunenergo" and many others.

Our Quality Management System was certified according to GOST P ISO 9001: 2001.

Please, fill in the order sheet for the required products, send us requests indicating your engineering task or contact us by phone: +7 (8482) 20-83-61; 20-85-90.

We'll be glad to provide real assistance in improvement of water and sewage treatment facilities' operation for any company of housing and public utilities sector!

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