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Currently, petrochemical industry is one of the most perspective and rapidly growing economic sectors of Russia. Companies involved in oil production and refining heavily invest into development and retrofitting of the process lines. One of the key operations in any oil-producing or refinery plant is water and sewage treatment.

In petrochemical plants water is used in the systems of cooling and condensing of various distillation products, preparation of water solutions for chemical reactions, as well as in the heat and power units to produce steam of required parameters, etc. Every such process requires thorough investigation, intelligent process solutions and application of state-of-the-art and reliable water-treatment equipment.

We develop and produce a high-quality, reliable and long-lasting equipment for treatment of water and removal of various impurities from hydrocarbons, as well as for application in reactors of organic synthesis. Among other things, our components are widely used in chemical and petrochemical industries: production of paints and varnishes, chemicals, plastics, synthetic rubber and etc.

"TEKO-FILTER" company offers filtering engineering solutions to petrochemical companies. Our mechanical and sorption filters FOV and FSU are widely used in condensate treatment systems of refinery plants, fuel and petrochemical sewage treatment facilities. Our filters are manufactured in compliance with TU 3113-003-04688393-05 "Water-treatment filters for heat and power plants and industrial energy sector" and have all necessary approvals and the Certificate of Conformity.

The internal drainage distribution assemblies and filtering elements of stainless steel and various plastics produced by our company are widely used in petrochemical industry for repair and retrofitting of water-treatment facilities.

"TEKO-FILTER" produces "TEKO-SLOT" slotted filtering elements with 0.05 - 2 mm mesh size used in the well strainers.

We produce industrial filters for treatment of bottom and formation water at the oil-producing facilities to ensure pressurizing of the oil-bearing horizons and preventing pollution of the well sites. We offer bottom drainage and collection distribution assemblies for horizontal clarifying filters (FOG). These 200 m3 vessels are used in oil-producing technologies in the oil-fields to clean the formation water from solid particles.

Our engineers have developed specific filters (FSU) for purification of mono-ethanolamine solution used in the associated gas advanced refinery facilities. These filters feature specially designed upper и lower drainage distribution assemblies and have modified vessel's size.

At present, many enterprises of chemical and petrochemical industry use our equipment for filtration of various solutions and liquids, as well as for in-plant boiler rooms and heat power plants. Among our customers are OAO "Rosneft", OAO "Gazprom", TNK BP, OAO "Slavneft", OAO Lukoil, OAO "Bashneft", OAO "Tatneft" and many others.

Please, fill in the order sheet for the required products, send us requests indicating your engineering task or contact us by phone: +7 (8482) 20-83-61; 20-85-90. We'll be glad to provide real assistance in improvement of water and sewage treatment facilities’ operation for any petrochemical and oil-producing plants!


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