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In April 2020, the manufacturing company “TEKO-FILTER” shipped a large batch of combined water filter nozzle: FEL TS-0.2-3.7-4-N/PP-G1/2-B to the address of State unitary enterprise (SUE) “Bryanskkommunenergo”.

Water filter nozzles will be installed in water treatment filters, which are undergoing scheduled repairs. They will be used in the technological process of water treatment to supply the population and enterprises of the region with heat and hot water.

Combined FEL, high corrosion resistance, is a collapsible design, consisting of a plastic collapsible housing with a threaded fitting and a filter unit, made in the form of a collapsible stainless steel frame-and-wire structure with a diffusely widening slotted gap.



The use of combined FEL allows solving the problem of electrochemical corrosion in the case when the fittings of the filter distribution system are made of carbon or low alloy steel. When installing stainless filter elements, quick corrosion destruction of some parts of the FEL and the fitting itself can occur. Replacing parts in contact with the fitting, plastic, this problem has been resolved. At the same time, the filtering part of the FEL is made of stainless steel, which provides increased strength and reliability of the structure.

SUE “Bryanskkommunenergo” is the largest heat supply company in the Bryansk region, providing heat and hot water to more than 70% of consumers in the region.

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