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In December 2020, the Manufacturing company “TEKO-FILTER” shipped a batch of filtering equipment for the implementation of a wastewater treatment project and obtaining by-products at an underground gas storage (UGS) in Kaliningrad. The project was developed and is being implemented by one of the largest Russian engineering companies for PJSC GAZPROM.

The delivery includes filters Quartz Sand /Activated carbon water Filter FOV-1.6-0.6 (2 pcs.) and IIon-exchange column for water treatment FIPr-1.0-0.6 (4 pcs.).


At the moment, the installation is underway, and its launch is scheduled for 2021.

Since the filters will operate at elevated temperatures with aggressive media, an anti-corrosion coating "Constacor TEP" was applied to the inner surface of the FIPr-1.0-0.6 housings. The outer surfaces of the filters made of carbon steel are painted in accordance with the Customer's specifications with a special enamel "Certa". The scope of delivery also includes lower and upper plastic "Radial type" switchgears with a slot width of 0.2 mm.

The inner surface of the FOV-1.6-0.6 hulls was coated with a corrosion-resistant coating “Tankguard Storage”, and the outer surface was covered with Certa enamel.

The FOV filters are equipped with switchgears: the upper one is of the “perforated beams” type, the lower one is the “copying type” with stainless steel filtering elements.

The Kaliningrad underground gas storage (UGS) is of great importance for ensuring the energy security of the region. The UGS facility makes it possible to regulate seasonal fluctuations in gas consumption, maintain flexibility and reliability of gas supplies to consumers in the Kaliningrad Region.

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